About the campaign

Purpose & goal

Do you know what geoengineering (GE) is? Have you even heard about it before? If you answered "no" to one or both of these questions you are normal.
Most people don't really know what GE is, and that is a problem since GE will affect everyone on this planet. It's a human right to be allowed involvment in matters regarding their life and wellbeing (it's common sense, but to make sure, it's also stated in UN documents

The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness of  geoengineering and its issues  - so that we can form an indivdual opinion and make sustainable decisions (including taking a stand for sustainable solutions in both a short and long time perspective).
There are many sustainable solutions for a better world but GE is not one of them, so part of our purpose is to counteract the normalization of GE.

The goal is to remove GE as a solution to existing problems. 
Yes, we want strong global agreements regarding environment & climate, but current discussions include GE as a solution.  We need to have documents that instead state that “geoengineering is not a solution”. *
In the same way that food regulations have paragraphs about GMO restrictions (genetic engineering) we must have GE restrictions where needed. We already have some restrictions to build on.
*A global climate agreement was signed at the COP21 in Paris in december 2015. In this article You find a review as well as the actual agreement in full.

The new normal
A relatively small group of people work hard to normalize positive attitudes towards GE, with the goal to get approval for using GE globally.
[Source: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 + Mapping the landscape of GE]
This can be compared with GMOs that also is an unsustainable technical quick fix that's introduced without public awareness or consent. But GMO is different than GE: GMO modifies small organisms in somewhat controlled surroundings, and the public is today aware and active in stopping its fast trackGE modifies entire planetary systems affecting everyone everywhere (unlike GMOs that You can avoid), and most of the public have never even heard about GE.
In this context we should also mention Weather modification (WM), since that has been going on for many years and is closely related to GE. Even WM is becoming more normal: It used to be governmental activities most people didn't know about. Today it's sometimes used for big events, or even for commercial & personal use. Normalizing like this is bad in many ways, one because it's a gateway to GE.

It's therefore important that we balance this and make it just as normal to be aware of GE and to take a stand
And if You are not really sure what GE is, You should start here >>>