We who take a stand

On this page we find a selection of individuals, organizations and treaties

taking a stand (for nature or the end to geoengineering/GE).
We focus on experts working with these (or related) issues, but we also include relevant professions and groups taking a stand.

Are you part of the public (none of the categories above), and want to do something? Great!  Click here.

Multinational organs, laws and treaties

# United Nations (treaty)
# The Precautionary principle: UNESCO , EU + EEA , USA 
# Conference of the parties/COP 10 (Decisions within the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), like X/13:4).  Also, an interpretation of CBD COP10 decision on geoengineering. + Primer on Ocean fertilization.  In Dec 2016 the COP 13 (to the CBD) decided to keep the restrictions from COP 10.


Organizations / groups
167 groups joined in an open letter to IPCC (2011)
# ETC Group + a report together with ...
# ... the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation/Naturskyddsföreningen
# Geoengineering Monitor
# People's agreement (2010) + the HOME campaign (a global coalition)  + Indigenous Environmental Network .
# The Right Livelihood Award Foundation
# GeoEngineering Watch + Geoengineering.dk + Global Skywatch (incl many groups) + Coalition against GE 
# Grönt tekniskt nätverk (text in swedish)
# Collection of artists.

# The Carnicom Institute
# National Academy of Sciences (with reservations)
# Raymond Pierrehumbert + Rasmus Benestad + James R Fleming + Marvin Herndon +

Medical proffesions (doctors, therapists etc)
# Dr Russell Blaylock, MD
# Dr Vandana Shiva
# Dr Steven P. Amoto
# Dr Marvin Herndon, PhD
# Swedish Doctors for the Environment (article/statement in swedish)