What to do?

Get informed & take action

It's a good thing that we actually can do something - even about a gigantic and difficult issue as this.
You don't have to be an expert to understand the basics of this problem, and once You have that basic understanding You probably want to do something about it. There are many things to do, and here are a few examples:


Speak out and raise awareness: Many people have not even heard about GE before, so a good start would be to simply talk about it. This conversation should be as normal as talking about the weather. And of course social media is a good tool (especially since mainstream media isn't doing a good job on this issue).
Do You want to support this campaign? Easy! Just take a stand, and share it with the world.

Speak to people in power: There are different ways to make Your voices heard to politicians and other decision makers:

  • E-mail directly to them (or via social media)
  • Send official requests (or open letters) to government organs
  • Pursade media to cover this topic and the responsible politicians
  • Join a campaign or a petition (see below)
  • Talk to environmental groups. Flyer to support.
  • Take legal action.

When a growing number of people take stand and act, changes will happen!
It has happened before ...

Petitions: A useful tool when handled smart, and it works well with other tools to reach Your goal. We created a specific petition for this campaign, and it has some focus on the Climate Conference in Paris (Dec 2015), but the petition is active after that too (as long as needed).
There is an EU version sending petitions ,  as well as Citizens initiative (ECI), directly to the EU Parliament. Citizens of EU may send public petitions as well as individual requests, where a committee is viewing it. The committee has meetings once a month .
UN has a reporting service that is similar.